Designer Indoor Plants

Designer Indoor Plants banner heading

Designer Indoor Plants Ltd
This start-up internet based company selling and hiring indoor plants for individuals and companies as the like, required a logo, a flyer and a small classified sized advertisement for print in a chosen national monthly magazine for their service of mail delivery of luxury plants.
A logo with an image of orchid, as this would be the main product, but not to discount other items that the company would provide. An easy to read font due to the small classified advertisements. An element of design was requested for the typeface to follow on from the ‘Designer’ company name.
Business people, purchasers who are not near the end client, mostly women as the final recipient.

Sometimes customers like to have lots of design options. This was the case with Designer Indoor Plants Ltd.  Their speciality is orchids, and the customer wanted this to be the main image in their logo and advert design. Below are the selection of logo designs that were presented to the customer.

Draft design 1.

Draft design 2. Designs 1 & 2 used the finished logo font. This designed used the font colour of the image.

Draft design 3 which was the chosen design.
Designer Indoor Plants Ltd Logo 96dpi

Draft deign 4. This included the same image as design 3 but a different font.

Draft design 5 – Bold first letter on each word with a reflecting image.

Draft design 6 – with inverted colours, it appears quite powerful.

Draft designs 7 and 8 use the same font but different images, producing a square and rectangle design.

Draft design 8, 9, 10 and 11 all have vector system images. These enable more colour to be used in the design.

Draft designs 12 & 13 use different images and different frames. This shows the different results using rounded or square corners.

Draft design 14 is based on design 13, but in a more header style.

Draft design 15 uses a more oriental design font.

Draft design 16 & 17 shows results is used in a square or header format.

Draft design 18, 19, 20 & 21 use a play on the D of Designer makes a vase or bowl design. I used different colours in the background and flower design to produce different results.

Draft design 22 & 23 continue on the line of the square logos above. I could then use a larger flower in the design.

Once the final logo was produced by IAQ Graphic Design, work could start on a postcard for local distribution and a classified advert in Woman and Home magazine.

Designer Indoor Plants Ltd Postcard created by IAQ Graphic Design

 Designer Indoor Plants Ltd Woman & Home Advert created by IAQ Graphic Design


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