Graphic Design Infographics

On the page we have a bit of fun! Here is a collection of Graphic Design related infographics obtains from the World-Wide-Web. Some are useful, some are interesting, some are amusing.

Take from this what you will and enjoy…

The Modern Marketer – Part Artist… Part Scientist.
Technology is transforming the marketing profession, adding new tools, techniques, and strategies on a daily basis. The modern marketer needs to have two side: an artist and scientist. Marketers need creativity and imagination to create campaigns the engage consumers, and an analytical side to measure and calibrate marketing strategy. Let’s take a look!…
The modern_marketer IAQ Graphic Design

The Evolution of Typography
Everything from Blackletter to Script. Old Style Serif, Transitional Serif, Modern Serif and Egyptian Serif to Humanist Sans Serif, Transitional San Serif and Geometric San Serif.

The Evolution of Typography IAQ Graphic Design

So you need a typeface.
Start out by choosing a kind of project that’ll need your typeface for. Then get very lost it this technical flowchart.

So-you-need-a-typeface-infographic IAQ Graphic Design

On the RGB Team with have Red, Green and Blue, while on the CMYK Team we have the printable Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black.


Periodic Table of Typefaces – Popular, Influential and Notorious.
Including a clever arrangement of typeface cards displaying the Family and / or class, Ranked, the Designer(s) and Year designed, together with the name of the Typeface and a sample of that typeface.

Periodic Table of Typefaces 120dpi IAQ Graphic Design

Colour Emotion Guide – Ever wondered why a particular company logo was in that particular colour? Well there could be a well calculated reason for that. This inforgraphic covers seven areas of colour and the emotions for that colour range.

Guide-to-colour-emotions IAQ Graphic Design

Elements of Design – This quick reference sheet inforgraphic looks at Line, Shape, Value, Colour, Texture, Size and Shape.

Elements-of-Design-infographic IAQ Graphic Design

Colours in Culture – This information is beautiful . net infographic details areas of the world and 84 different variants of our lives. It covers everything from Anger to Wisdom.

Colours in Culture infographic IAQ Graphic Design

This final infographic covers major company branding through a colour wheel. It has a lot of detail…. but you do need a big screen!

Branding infographic IAQ Graphic Design

I hope you have enjoyed these, follow the IAQ Graphic Design blog for more [hopefully] interesting and useful information.


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